All prices are quoted in EURO, ex. works Rotterdam Netherlands, and are subject to VAT at standard rate.
We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

The cost of packing, if not mentioned separately, is included. No refund is given.


Shipments are made without exception at the risk of the buyer. Unless special instructions of the buyer,
shipments are made through the most convenient means without liability on our part. In case of delay, loss
or demaging during transportation, every action against the shipping company must be taken by the buyer.
Delivery times are approximate, circumstances permitting. Delay in shipment by any reason whatsoever,
does not entitle the buyer to indeminities. We reserve the right to carry out partial shipments.
Payment of invoices must be made to us directly. No deductions nor changes will be accepted. Payment costs, interest and other extra expences are on the buyers account.


Goods remain the property of KW Tools Ltd until full payment is received.

Our products are guaranteed for 12 months against manufacture- and materialerrors. The judgement of this warranty can only take place after recieve or on the spot (if machines are not transportable) by our serviceteam or in consulation with the manufacturer.

Legal seat
Any controversy or dispute will be settled at Dutch Law.

Spare parts
Always mention machine model and part number shown on manuals. Order without the above reference numbers will be rejected. Motors and motor parts: give full specification marked on the metal plates fixed to the motor and the motor make as well.

Faulty parts must be returned to us on carriage paid basis. Free of charge replacement will be made if a fault
is found by our suppliers. No credit note will be issued.
Shipment of incorrect parts
Parts must be sent back to us after our authorization and method of shipment is given.
No credit note will be issued.